A child who sleeps in

I used to follow a blogger who wrote a post a year or two ago about how she practices self care: the key ingredient was waking up before her toddler so she could have peace and quiet while drinking her coffee, and she had an hour to do whatever she wanted to do before her kid woke up for the day.

I used to resent that a bit… Ever since she was born, Avery has woken me up in the morning – and I’ve always been an early riser. She even went through a month long phase of waking for the day at 4:30am. I’d sit on the couch like a zombie, too stunned to make coffee or parent… That’s when we first brought in morning TV.

At the best of times, she’d sleep in until 7am, or on a few miracle occurrences (when sick) until 8 or 8:30, but those were literally 2 or 3 mornings in the entirety of her life. I never got into a routine of setting an alarm to get up at 6 if she was getting up at 7. There are two reasons for this: 1) I was tired because I’d been up all through the night, or 2) most commonly the reason she slept in is because she came into our bed, and when in our bed she sleeps ON me, and leaving wakes her up.

However, lately she has been asking to stay upstairs in our bed in the morning (on non-daycare days) and asks me to go get her hot chocolate (Ovaltine). She either just wants to play up there, or I put tv on for her on the weekend. It’s my time alone in the kitchen that I always dreamed of… I’m doing it right now! Listening to my coffee brew, writing a blog post, soaking in the fact that I have an almost two and a half year old who is independent enough to play an entire floor away and not need me every 5 seconds. It’s a pretty freaking awesome stage.

3 thoughts on “A child who sleeps in

  1. H used to be a sleeping in kid but I never dreamed of setting an alarm to wake up before him because…well…sleep! Sleep to me is just as important as getting the peace and quiet alone time. I get my peace and quiet in the evening now. It just seems crazy to me to set an alarm. But I’m also a horrific sleeper, not by choice, so the extra time is valuable for me. But he now is starting to become an earlier waker so our routine now is he comes into our bed on weekends, cuddles up beside me and I give him the iPad to watch some cartoons while we get a few more minutes of zzz’s. In saying that though, I’m incredibly envious of Avery happily staying upstairs hanging out solo while you do what you enjoy doing downstairs! That’s a HUGE thing that should be celebrated! Those moments are rare!

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  2. Not having “me time” in the morning was a huge adjustment for me. I used to wake around 7am (my wife is a late sleeper and would be in bed until 10-11 some days!). I’d have my coffee, putz around by myself doing some laundry, blogging, or sewing. Now my life sounds like yours used to. Hadley is either waking me up or sleeping on/next to me. I wake like a zombie, trying to get coffee into me while I feed or entertain her. I do wake before her on weekdays (not by choice) and couldnt imagine having to get up at that ungodly hour on the weekends, too, just for “me time”. Nice to know there could be an end in sight (far off as it may be right now).

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