In the kitchen

Avery has such a strong interest in helping in the kitchen. She measures ingredients, cracks eggs, stirs… Basically she does everything but chop. She even insists on helping wash dishes. It takes longer and water gets everywhere, but she actually doesn’t do that bad of a job, and she loves it. She has always loved it. Last spring (she wasn’t even 2 yet) we went camping with a group of friends and Avery washed everyone’s camp dishes in a soapy tub. You can’t keep her away from washing without tears being shed.

I also spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I make a lot of food from scratch, including sourdough and kombucha (which Avery calls ‘boocha). Today Avery said two things that made me so proud:

“MMM, my love ‘boocha! Yummy!”


“Mommy we make sourdough bread, please please pleeeeease?”

6 thoughts on “In the kitchen

  1. We call it boocha too, haha! Another one that is fairly easy/fun to make with them is applesauce. I give her a knife that is sharper than a butter knife but more dull than a steak knife and she “chops” apple pieces for me. It is pointless, but she doesn’t know that and she loves helping.

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