Quiet time activity ideas?

Ok amazing online community of parents, I need some brainstorming action.

Avery recently started doing longer days at daycare, and our provider wants her to have quiet time while the other kids nap. Unfortunately, all she offers for quiet time is TV. I don’t want my kid to be babysat by a TV for 2 hours at daycare every day, so I’m trying to suggest good quiet time options for her to try. Luckily Avery is a generally quiet kid and tends to respect the notion of being quiet while others sleep, but I want to come up with activity ideas both to sell the idea of no TV to our daycare provider, and to give Avery something to get excited about for when her friends take a nap without her.

What are your favourite quiet time activities for your kids?


11 thoughts on “Quiet time activity ideas?

  1. Cadence is huge into coloring and stickers right now. She’s big into Duplo building blocks as well. I’m super tired so I can’t really think of anything else right now, but those are all pretty quiet activities!

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  2. ooo yes! Quiet books are awesome they have buttons to snap shut, zippers and lots of other ideas you can make them or buy them (look them up on pinterest), soft foam blocks, of course coloring and stickers, play dough, any felt activities I have a felt book with little felt plants and bugs and Dalton creates his own garden I love this one for long car trips. you can make felt shapes and she can match them its learning and entertaining felt dolls with different outfits so many options!
    maybe send her with a quiet time backpack she can get into while the other kids are sleeping.

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  3. Two hours is a long time! My kids (and to be honest, my wife as well) were both entranced by Water Wow!

    We also had special quiet time toys (mostly Playmobil) that could not be played with any other time.

    Julia liked search-and-find books, including Where’s Waldo. Now she will draw for hours on end but that wasn’t always the case.

    Reusable sticker books were a big hit with Clementine. City/rural (cars/farm animals), fairies, and paper doll-type scenes were the go-tos.

    Magnadoodle. Busy boards/boxes. Our babysitting coop did an exchange of homemade pieces for these—one of the favorites was a felt “Mr Potatohead” face and accessories. Beads on a shoelace and “weaving” or “sewing” with those plastic grids once fine motor skills are ready.

    Basic puzzles. Those liquid timers that resemble lava lamps and sensory tubes with things hidden in the rice to find (visual not tactile!).

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  4. Spread out a sheet and give her a bin of rice or beans. She cooks, sorts, finds things hidden in the rice, etc. It does typically require a quick vacuum around the area afterward, but it’s not typically too bad if you don’t have a thrower.

    Homemade play dough, sorting activities, practicing with scissors on paper or other materials, stickers, post-it notes, water play (in a sink or bath?), are all still favorites for us.

    Look into toddler podcasts. We’re JUST dipping our toes, but I love the idea of them LISTENING to stories instead of watching TV. Sesame Street has one, and I found a few Miriam likes on Pinna (an app). I think there are others, and they take some practice, but Avery might get used to having at least 20-30 minutes of listening time during nap/quiet.

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    • More thoughts: We got her toddler headphones to help her hear/focus on podcast stories. If you REALLY want to win parent of the year award, you can record yourself reading books to her, that she can then listen to and follow along with the book during quiet time 😉

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      • I LOVE the recording idea. She has been really missing me during quiet time at daycare because there’s nothing distracting her (she cried for an hour solid yesterday). We sent her with a family photo album one day but it didn’t seem to help. Listening to me read her stories is a great idea. I just don’t know if I have the technology! Haha we don’t have an iPod or mp3 player anymore…

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      • I see used ipods and phones on craigslist all the time for not very much money – if you don’t mind just that little bit of tech/screentime. I got toddler headphones online for about $10. Personally, I think it might be worth it for the connection to her while she’s at daycare!

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