Close cousins

We had an amazing family weekend. We took our nephew to the Royal Ontario Museum for his birthday – we’ve been giving experiences as gifts and it has been so much more appreciated by the kids than toys would have been. Our nephew is 3, and Avery is 2.5. we were concerned that the museum might be too “old” for them, but it was a huge hit. They were in awe over the dinosaur skeletons, and there were lots of interactive kids things like a bat cave (that they ran through half a dozen times…), play stations where young kids could run wild and play with toys and dress up in costumes from all cultures of the world, and touch-and-feel stations where they could touch things like a taxidermied polar bear paw (while learning about global warming). The kids were amazingly behaved for all 4 hours we were there – without naps. I think a leprechaun must have sprinkled lucky dust on us to get through such an event without a single toddler meltdown… After the museum we went to my sister-in-law’s house for the rest of the weekend, and Avery got to spend great quality time with both of her cousins.

I’m so thankful she has her cousins to grow up with, and that they’re close, considering we live over an hour apart. However, watching her with her 8-month old cousin, our new niece, makes me yearn to give our only daughter a sibling. She loves babies. She helped me soothe the little one, she strokes her cheek and brushes her hair out of her eyes, she brings her baby appropriate toys and expresses her adoration and love for the little one.

She asks for us to have another baby. I wonder if that will be enough to convince my wife to take the plunge and do this baby making thing with me one more time…

We’re still one-and-done until further notice, but the urge definitely hasn’t gone away for me. However, my wife’s anxiety and very legitimate concerns also still haven’t gone away. Only time will tell….

3 thoughts on “Close cousins

  1. Not that you asked my opinion, but at 3 months, I can tell you that I’m more in a position to nudge toward “yay” rather than “nay.” Those first couple of months are brutal, but the fog is clearing, haha.

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  2. Thank you for posting. Have been telling self you were busy with school obligations; while fearing the current no more family increases might mean no more postings. Hope you are warming as also love your garden posts…

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    • Thank you, I do plan to do more garden posts. If you’re on Instagram, you can see more of my garden posts there at @thehobbyhomestead. When there’s not quite enough for a blog post, I still post garden updates there. And yes, I’m definitely busy with school obligations, but we’ve also just hit our stride with our little family and there has been less “stuff” for me to work out in writing! πŸ˜„ I’ll always post here though, even if I slow down for periods of time. Thank you so much for following my journey and always giving such positive feedback and support 😊


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