An all-over-the-place update

I don’t have much to write about these days because life is pretty comfortable, reliable, predictable… There’s nothing stressing me out and nothing I feel the need to log in this blog-bank of memories.

But I don’t want to stop blogging… So here’s an uneventful update 😊

1. My wife took Avery to the cottage for 4 days so I could work on my dissertation. It’s day 2 and I miss her like crazy, and my life feels devoid of meaning without my family to dote on and serve. Maybe I do need to find a career, afterall….. Anyway, I’ve completed an additional chapter in the last 2 days, and I hope to complete at least one more in the next 2 days! I have these chapters drafted already, but there are a lot of blanks to fill in and restructuring to do. My overall dissertation is 7 chapters long, and now 2 have been submitted to my advisor. We’re getting there.

2. I’m spending a lot of time in the garden lately. It’s my happy place. I haven’t been blogging over at my hobby homestead WordPress account, but I do post almost daily on my @thehobbyhomestead Instagram account. I’m really into wild edibles and edible perennials these days.

Avery is really into plants and gardening already. She begs to go plant things on a daily basis, and she tenderly checks up on the food and flowers we have growing. My FAVOURITE thing is to watch her cup her hands around the herbs and take a deep inhale, appreciating all the aromas. She is my mini-me right now and I hope she never grows out of it.

3. We’ve been sick for 2 weeks. WTF is up with springtime colds?? Avery has also wet the bed the last 2 nights, which she only ever does when she’s getting a virus, so I’m not hopeful that our sick streak is coming to an end any time soon. No matter how many colds we get, though, nothing will ever be as bad as Avery’s first winter in daycare. 12 separate viruses in 12 weeks. But now she’s a big kid (that’s what we tell her, anyway) with a big kid’s immune system. The occasional cold can’t bring us down.

4. Still living in limbo over the baby #2 decision. If I haven’t made it clear, I’m 100% on board. I’ve given my wife all the power in making the final decision, because I got all the power in deciding to have baby #1. And life would not be pleasant if I forced my wife into becoming a parent again – not fair to anyone in our family. So we wait and see…..


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