A weekend in Toronto and weekday downtime

We took Avery to Toronto Pride for the first time. We mostly just hung out at the family pride event at a local school, and had lunch at a Queer-run restaurant. We live an hour outside of the city, but instead of driving in just for a taste of pride festivities and then driving home again, we got a hotel in the city. On Sunday morning, instead of attending the main parade, we took the ferry across to Toronto Centre Island and took Avery to a little theme park there. She rode a few little kid rides and we were super proud of her for overcoming her fear. She told us she was scared and didn’t want to try any rides, but in the end she got up the courage to try 3 different rides (and rode them again and again and again).

Sunday night, back at home, she woke up in the night acting kind of delusional… She ripped her clothes off and then started crying about losing her clothes, and she was having what seemed like mini-night-terrors. I brought her into our bed because she seemed “off.” About an hour after that we all woke up to her burning fever. The next morning she told us a out a nightmare she had, where her Mo’s head broke off. She creepily drew a line with her fingers around her Mo’s neck and seemed curious but relieved that it was all better… She referred to that dream a lot throughout the day – clearly it was unsettling for her!

And now we’re on day 2 of staying home from daycare. Her fever broke this morning, so we know she’ll be back at daycare tomorrow. I’m a little bummed that I missed a dissertation writing workshop at a hip downtown location with friends from school, but in the end, I’m not going to get fired for missing work, and I get to spend precious time with my kid. I can’t complain too much.

Today we’re going to play in the sunny back yard and make garlic scape pesto. Next weekend we’re heading out of town for a week-long vacation at the cottage. Any time I can spend in the garden right now is precious time. It’s nice that Avery seems to appreciate it as much as I do 🥰


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