One is so easy

We spent last week at the family cottage and it was amazing. Avery’s cousins weren’t there this time, and we kept saying to each other how EASY one kid is. Our kid is low key and quiet and agreeable, unless her cousin is around to bring out the wild within her. We spent time just sitting and watching the waves together, my wife and I had beer on the deck while Avery quietly played with bubbles, we put her to bed at 7pm and had quiet evenings together… It was so EASY and so wonderful.

But then last night my wife looked at me and asked, “when’s the soonest we could try for another baby?”

I didn’t let myself get excited. She of course reverted back to listing all the reasons to NOT – it’ll be expensive and we’ll have to cut way back on our expenses, we won’t have any alone time for another 2 years, etc… But she’s very clearly walking a tightrope line between taking the plunge for another baby, and saying no way to doing this all over again. I think she’s starting to lose her balance, and we’ll see which side she falls down on.

I, of course, want another baby, even though I’m riddled with fear about it.

4 thoughts on “One is so easy

  1. Thank you for posting. It sounds like you 3 had a wonderful time! Glad you had some down time. Have been thinking about you and paper writing and am wishing you well!

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  2. We’ve been thinking about trying for number 2 as well. We know we want another so there isn’t a question there. But the thought of starting over again is a little daunting.

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