New clothes, new me…?

For my birthday I got a gift card to buy some work clothes. I haven’t needed formal work clothes in years, with my mom/student lifestyle. When I put on these new clothes, I felt like I could be happy shifting my identity toward “working mom” and away from “stay-at-home mom.” I felt like I could see myself moving forward through the rest of my life never experiencing another pregnancy, or another newborn… It’s wild what a new style will do to your self-image.

In other news, my work as a contractor is going well and I’m getting enough to projects to fill my time while I wait for feedback on the final draft of my dissertation. If anyone has any tips for how I should be dealing with my finances as an independent consultant, let me know… this is a whole new can of worms for me.


5 thoughts on “New clothes, new me…?

  1. Above all figure out the tax implications! In US I would assume MINIMUM of 1/3 of each payment needs to be put aside for taxes payments: State, Federal, Social Security your share AND the employer share, Medicare similar shares to Social Security, etc. And I suspect 1/3 may not be adequate these days here. Canada may be higher taxes and you are not sole income for your family which in US would change/increase the %ages needed to be set aside. You also want to put aside a significant portion to save for ‘unpaid sick leave, vacation, slow periods in freelance work time’. Do you need to do prepaid quarterly tax payments?
    I was remember when I went from running daycare to working for a corporation where I had to wear a suit etc; felt like I was wearing a costume/new identity for over a year. Enjoy the changes. See the fun in it.
    Sounds like you are enjoying your current world. Super super happy for you!!!!

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