She’s 3!

By the way, my daughter turned 3 on the weekend. We had an awesome party with lots of kids, a bouncy castle, and a subtle paw patrol theme πŸ˜†

I am so proud of who my daughter is as a person. I always have been. As she gets older, she remains just as kind, compassionate, intelligent, and wonderful as always.

Three has definitely brought with it a shift toward a more assertive attitude, which I’m happy about. It’s a welcome balance to the passive child she has often been. She has been on a steady increase in knowledge, and can now write her own name, can spell half a dozen words, can do any addition equation with a sum of up to 20, and seems to comprehend abstract things like the fact that our plant spins in orbit around the sun and that’s why we only see the sun some of the time. She can also identity probably 100 plants and veggies that we have growing, but she was raised in the garden and has clearly picked up my passion for gardening.

She loves her cats, her chickens, and her grandma’s horses. She loves cooking and baking, and washing dishes. She loves having books read to her, and she loves snuggling.

I seriously could not be more proud, or more happy with who she is. I got everything I ever wanted in a child, and she has allowed me to become everything I hoped to be as a mother.

3 is going to be an awesome year πŸ₯°

6 thoughts on “She’s 3!

  1. Happy birthday Avery!!
    I actually thought about you tonight, while I was telling Cadence that the sun had gone to bed for the night. I wondered if I was doing her a disservice by telling her that, and if I should explain what really happens to the sun. But I was driving so I didn’t think she’d have a clue what I was trying to explain lol. So maybe another time!

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    • I don’t think you were doing her a disservice – I always heard the story that the sun was going to bed, and I still figured out the true patterns of the solar system when I was in school ☺️ The sun going to bed can be a good motivator for kids to go to bed, too, I think!


  2. Three is marvelous and a single eye lash will twitch and they are 8. Horrifying how fast they grow and change. And FABULOUS how precious and amazing they are. Your family inspires smiles and joy.

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