Daycare gave her 2-weeks notice

On Tuesday last week we put down a deposit on a new-to-us used car. Although I work from home, I drive Avery to daycare every day, in a car that just isn’t safe anymore. The hours my wife works mean it doesn’t make sense for her to do drop off and pick up. So we traded in our old rust bucket for scrap and we paid $20,000 (a nice portion of our house downpayment savings….) for a newer model.

An hour after we got home from the dealership, our daycare provider of the past 2 years sent me a text saying she was changing careers, and was giving us 2 weeks notice of the termination of her daycare business.

So there we were with a new car, $20,000 poorer, and potentially no need for it anymore (if we could find a new provider within walking distance, or closer to my wife’s work). I drank several glasses of wine that night and laid awake with my brain racing until 2am.

Since Tuesday, though, we’ve set up 5 interviews with new potential daycares. One or two of them I’m particularly excited about. It’s going to be shitty to have to transition Avery with just 11 months left until she starts school, but I think she’ll be great with the change. Leaving old friends will be hard, but it’s something she’ll have to learn to do eventually, anyway.

We’re seeing the last of the available daycares tonight, so I’ll be able to update on what option we went with by tomorrow. Wish us luck!

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