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I don’t know if this is really worthy of a blog post, and I don’t even really have concise thoughts put together yet, but we just had our enrolment interview with the Waldorf preschool that Avery will be starting at on Monday, and right before that I was offered a full time job with the people I’ve been sub-consulting for. The job offer was not official, and came at the end of a staff meeting I’d been invited to. They said they still needed to work out the terms that they could offer me, and then we’d meet, but they wanted me to know that they wanted me.

Yesterday I spent a few hours in a car with the employer (on our way to a meeting in another city), and I talked about how my priority was Avery, and I loved being able to have flexible hours and work 4 days a week right now. The employer said he’d never want to run a company that forced its employees to choose between work and family, and that they pride themselves on supporting their employees in every way possible. I’m curious if he’ll take what I said into consideration and offer me a 4-day a week position, or if I’ll have to give up that precious weekly Friday with Avery sooner than I’d hoped…

But what a privileged situation I’m in, to be able to decide that: Do I want full time employment with an amazing company, doing work I enjoy, or do I want to continue to work on contract and get a 3-day weekend with my kid until she starts school…

I’ll update when I’ve actually discussed terms with the employer, and I’ll also update after Avery has started the new pre-school.

6 thoughts on “Work update

  1. That’s awesome! Congrats on the informal offer! And hooray for Avery starting at the new school!! I hope she loves it 🙂
    I keep meaning to write a post about preschool, but let’s be honest…I just finally got the thank you cards done from Delaney’s birthday party that was over 2 weeks ago! Things have been crazy. BUT, C started preschool last week! She’s doing great, and I’m SO happy that we made the decision to send her now. It’s hard though, letting go of that control of what’s happening to her 24/7. Such an adjustment for us both! It’s a good thing though 🙂

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    • Such an adjustment!! But I think it’s really really good for most kids. It’s not like we’re shipping them off to boarding school, and we still have a huge role in their lives as comfort person and discipliner… Even when they’re doing all the fun things at preschool, we – as their parents – are still their Home. ❤️


  2. Hooray!! It’s always hard figuring out the perfect arrangement for you and your family. I always lean toward the option that allows more time with kids, but it can be super hard to turn down a great offer! Whatever happens, I’m sure Avery will still know she’s your top priority!

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  3. SO glad to know you will continue to post and update. Hearing the questions and challenges you face broadens and normalizes the generational period you are part of for the rest of your generation and for those above you. Some of your challenges are new and different, some are similar, some answers exist that didn’t before, some answers need to be new and different. I think your family is doing terrifically.

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