“I’m going to have a baby sister one day and I’m going to share my room and all my toys with her!”

It’s no secret that I’ve wanted another baby, but I’ve been so ridiculously stressed lately (I had a horrible panic attack last night while working on my dissertation edits at 10:30pm). My wife is happy that we finally have two incomes and we are finally making more meaningful contributions toward our house downpayment fund, and even toward retirement savings… She has also come out of her depression, and she isn’t ready to disrupt this newfound “easy life” that she’s experiencing. And of course, I’m just learning to balance full time work with wrapping up my dissertation and a teaching assistantship I naively took on, and I’m feeling not ready for another baby for opposite reasons than my wife’s reasons.

But Avery seems to be wondering why she doesn’t have a sibling yet… She keeps declaring to us that she’s going to have a baby sister one day, and promises to share with her and keep her from putting things in her mouth… As if she’s trying to prove to us that she deserves a sibling 😆

Maybe we’ll be those people who have kids 6 years apart. I need to get my head above water before I can think about entering down that will-we-or-won’t-we emotional path again.

4 thoughts on ““I’m going to have a baby sister one day and I’m going to share my room and all my toys with her!”

  1. I don’t vote on other people’s family addition decisions. I do have 2 children who are 6 yrs apart in age. They are very full grown adults. They are close supporters of each other, always have been. Both children have singleton children, my grands are also 6 years apart in age and also close loving supporters of the other. So no opinion on what decision you and your wife make. Just supportive that what ever decision you make will be right for your family.
    Life changes in many ways over time. Do not be pressured in any direction. You two are good parents but more importantly you 3 are all good people.

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  2. My only advice is the same as always: don’t do it until you’re both on board. I was starting to see a light at the end of the financial black hole when Albie was conceived but that all went to pot this year. I’m so glad I couldn’t see what this year had in store because Albie wouldn’t be here and that’s unbearable, but it’s definitely been a hard path forward.

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    • I assume very few people actually regret having their children, but that doesn’t mean it’s not super hard sometimes… I hope things start getting easier again for you soon ❤️ We are definitely trying to look into the future (as much as we can without a crystal ball) and really make the smartest decision for our sanity and happiness. Last time we followed my gut, and obviously I don’t regret it because Avery is the best thing that’s ever happened to me and I loved not having full time work for the first 3 years of her life because I was still a student… But it was hard financially and it would just be nice to not put ourselves through that pressure again.

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      • Things are definitely turning a corner now, though my life is not recognizable in so many ways from what it was last year.

        I do hope it’s a rarity to regret children, I can’t imagine having to live with a regret like that!

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