An Avery update (and more on the Waldorf School)

Avery has been making up songs a lot lately. Here’s a sampling of the lyrics from one little ditty:

“I can help you
But I don’t know where you went,
You went for a walk in the dirt,
And you found a worm”

She’s also starting to be able to carry a tune, and I noticed her doing arpeggios last night as she sang to herself while brushing her teeth… It’s adorable, and I always want to record a video of her songs, but never want to leave the moment to get my phone.

Avery has also been talking a lot about how she’s going to get (or she wants) a baby sister or brother. She told my mom the other day that she was going to have a baby sister, and my mom had some questions for me after their conversation 😆

She has been saying she wants to share her room with a baby, that she’d get rid of her toys so we could buy baby toys for a sibling, and that she’d help them learn to walk and talk and she’d love them so much. C’mon, kid… You’re making this hard… We had just finally settled into a phase of BOTH my wife and I being on the same one-and-done page, but this kind of thing makes us open the damn conversation again.


Yesterday evening we went to Avery’s new daycare for an outdoor soup dinner (the daycare kids made bread to go with it), and the parents and caregivers got to go on the forest walk the kids do every day. The terrain isn’t exactly smooth, and once they reach the end of the path there’s a large clearing full of climbing trees and ripe walnuts and little structures and paths made by the kids with branches and logs. They spend 1 to 2 hours here every day, rain or shine, even in the cold, snowy winter months (accordingly, we’ve invested in wool clothes and need to shell out for a serious snow suit and boots).

I watched Avery climbing a tree without hesitation and I couldn’t believe this was the same 3 year old from early September who didn’t want to go down a slide unless I checked it for safety first… This Waldorf school has been so great for her so far. And last week when she was stuck at home sick (AGAIN), she was sad about not being able to go to her daycare. Most evenings when I’m putting her to bed she says she’s excited to go to school the next day.

That said, she still says she misses her old daycare provider. We’ve done two playdates with two of the kids from the old daycare, and while Avery loved it, we’re already too socially stretched to make a regular thing of it.

2 thoughts on “An Avery update (and more on the Waldorf School)

  1. SO glad the school is being a success. She does not know the truth about babies/siblings… with luck once they arrive they never depart and they take parental attention away from the natural center of the world. Perhaps you could ‘borrow’ one (as babysitting help) and that might (or not) change her mind. In the next year she may (or not) change her mind about wanting a younger sibling. It sounds romantic and lovely and may be the ‘in thing’ in her age group. Do not have children for any reason other than BOTH parents being in favor of this idea. (And, I would love you to have lots more, but it is not my sleep or finances involved.)

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