Getting rid of the baby stuff – will we regret it??

At the same time that Avery is still expressing to us that she really wants a sibling, and even that she’s sad that she doesn’t have a sibling….. I just sold a bunch of our best baby and toddler gear that we had been holding on to, and I gave all of my maternity clothes to a friend.

We still go through a bit of rollercoastering on the topic – we go from being certain that we’re done to my wife saying, “the earliest I’d be ready to try again is the new year, maybe February.” (That came completely out of the blue and I chose to ignore it for my own mental health). The will-we-or-won’t-we continues, although I keep getting rid of our baby stuff like we’re one-and-done. 😳

9 thoughts on “Getting rid of the baby stuff – will we regret it??

  1. Oh, I feel this! We have been getting rid of a lot of our stuff, too. I think part of it for me is that it feels easier to part with it and not have the ‘maybe’ hanging out in the form of cute stuff. We are all over the place about a possible #3, but I also feel like I need to move forward without that hanging over our head. If we decide to have another, we can find more stuff for cheap or free . . .and the space (emotionally and literally) took priority. Sending you love.

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    • YES – the stuff takes both emotional and physical space that we needed to clear, too. And with Facebook Marketplace we’ve been buying pretty much all of our goods used for cheap so it won’t break the bank if we find we do need stuff again in the future… But it is a good thing to have a clean slate for making the decision.


  2. Now that I know I won’t be having any more babies, it’s definitely easier (by a tiny bit) to be passing things on. But it’s a bittersweet feeling every time Albert grows through another size (it’s happened twice already…). I definitely had times where I almost ditched the baby stuff, but something held me back. Definitely worth being able to make the decision because child and not because stuff though.

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  3. Oh I hear you. we did it a year ago and i still have baby pangs, I want one- husband is done.. I sold the baby stuff of the boys and got them to buy toys/ toddler stuff for them. Helped my feelings a bit.

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  4. I think I am having the opposite problem :/ I want another one, we are trying and we’ve kept everything (taking over every inch of storage in our old home) and I keep thinking, what if I am never able to get pregnant again? How long do we keep trying? How long do I keep all this stuff?

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  5. Even though I feel it is more likely than not that we’ll have a third, we’re getting rid of a lot of stuff because it’s cheaper to re-buy it used than it is to pay for storing it all!! I’ll still hang onto a few valuable/sentimental items, but a lot of the big stuff has to go. I’ve also been on a big minimalist kick lately, so I cannot handle having unused things hanging around.

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