Only one week left until I'm a Dr.

Not technically… but essentially. I’m defending my PhD dissertation on Friday, Dec 13th, 2019. Although there will likely be some edits to complete before submitting the final document to my university’s office of graduate studies for acceptance, the successful defense is really celebrated as the moment you are granted those credentials.

I wish Avery could see me make it through this momentous occasion, but she’s not of an age where she can silently sit through a half hour presentation followed by up to 2 hours of questioning by a panel of scholars. My father-in-law will be babysitting her, and my parents will both be in attendance at the defense.

My wife is buying me a diamond ring as a congratulatory gift (a stacking addition to my wedding rings).

This is really happening…

7 thoughts on “Only one week left until I'm a Dr.

  1. Wow. I am so so happy for you. As a long time follower of youe blog, I remember reading all about your struggles to barely write anything and feeling depressed, the emotional struggle you faced when you had to send your daughter to daycare so that you can work on your Phd. I remember it all. This is such a beautiful culmination to all the internal battles you fought and are now about to win!
    A PHd is no easy task for anyone and you and your wife deserve all the applause coming your way!
    Many many congratulations!! Its time to partyyyyy

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