A bullet point update

I’ve let the time between blog posts go too long. There’s too much to write to fit it in one post, so I’ll do a bullet point update.

  • I got my PhD πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ“ The defense went really, really well, and I’ve been celebrating all week. I’ve been in post-secondary school for 12 years, grad school for 8 of those. It’s surreal that it’s finally over.
  • We’re ready for Christmas, and it feels good. This is going to be one heck of a magical year with our 3 year old. Example, she keeps turning off the lights in the house so we can admire “the magical lights on our tree. Look how magical it looks, mommy!”
  • We went to a winter solstice marionette play at Avery’s daycare tonight. The other kids were behaving totally normally for a crowd of preschoolers and couldn’t sit still or be quiet (and they were cracking me up with their antics), but Avery sat perfectly still and quietly in the front row on a little cushion, and was completely absorbed in the show from start to finish. She didn’t even seem to notice the kids rolling around in front of her. I think she’ll do well in formal education… She can sit quietly and focus better than I can.
  • The will-we-or-won’t-we have a second child internal debate continues. Today we mapped out how we could turn our bedroom and walk-in closet into a kid’s room and we’d take Avery’s room. It would be a really cute way for two kids to share a room. But at the same time, I don’t want to leave my brand new amazing employers high and dry so soon after starting work with them.
  • More on the above point: I’ve been having dreams about a baby, and it feels like the dreams I used to have about Avery.
  • Ok, all the points from here on out are about the will-we-or-won’t-we have a second child debate. Who am I kidding – even getting the PhD took less mental energy than this decision is taking.
  • I really, really miss breastfeeding. Maybe that’s weird, and maybe I’m one in 10,000 women who had a really great experience with breastfeeding, but there was something so emotionally fulfilling about it.
  • Even with my professional identity finally coming to fruition, I feel the strong urge to throw all of myself into being a nurturer to my offspring.
  • Oh, but the planet is totally overpopulated, and I don’t want to contribute to the problem any more than I already do just by living. And what will the future be like for my kids? Will there be war, famine, epidemics?

I think this is as positive and uplifting a place as any to end my rambling update πŸ˜‰

Hopefully I can pull off more regular posts in the new year!

5 thoughts on “A bullet point update

  1. I was definitely super sad about weaning the first time though I don’t know if I “missed” breastfeeding. I was already pregnant again, so that probably distracted me. This time I will be happy to be done pumping, but I don’t want to wean any time soon. I do think I’ll ultimately miss breastfeeding, though I’ll also be happy to have my body back to myself.

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  2. Trust your holidays were filled with laughter and love … the things that make our worlds easier. Super proud of your finishing the PhD; huge accomplishment. When you decide about family size decisions you are at the beginning of chapters that will follow their own paths. We only select doors to futures what happens beyond the doors unfolds often in surprising ways. What I am certain of is that you and your family of whatever size will continue to bring light, magic and hope with laughter into this new year. Thank you for all the help moving through the past one and all the grace you share!

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