About Me

I started this blog to write about the process of making a baby with my wife. We used sperm from a known donor, “turkey-baster” style. We were immensely lucky, and got pregnant on the third try. So my TTC blog turned into a pregnancy blog, and when our daughter was born on Aug 24, 2016, it turned into a family blog.

I’m 30, a new mom, a wife, a lesbian, a Canadian, a cat lover, a nature lover, a gardener…

I’m also a PhD candidate in Applied Social Psychology, studying prejudice and discrimination (and how to end it).

For all of our family planning stages and for the first 4 months of our daughter’s life, my wife was commuting to a big fancy job in the city (about an hour and a half each way). Now she’s nice and local with a feel-good job, which gives us more time to do things as a family.

My wife and I have been together since 2008, we got married in 2014, and we are learning what it feels like to be real adults in a social world full of careers, home buying, having babies, and trying not to have early-mid-life crises.


You can follow me on twitter @momwithawife, and you can send me emails to momwithawife@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you!

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