Avery’s first emergency room visit 

We hadn't visited the hospital since August last year, and that time we left with a brand new baby. Yesterday, we were there for a less joyous reason.  I was making Avery lunch when I heard the smash from behind me. She had broken one of the cat's ceramic dishes. Before I could get over… Continue reading Avery’s first emergency room visit 

Four Pillars of a Bad Night’s Sleep

Avery is sick. She is teething. She seems to be going through the 8 month sleep regression, and the 3-to-2 per day nap transition. We haven't slept in days.  The Sick I think she must have gotten sick from the Tylenol dropper... Is that possible? We gave it to her last time she was sick,… Continue reading Four Pillars of a Bad Night’s Sleep

Osteopathy for babies?

Avery is a perfectly healthy baby with no physical problems besides sensitive skin and a history of colic. She has 10 perfect little fingers and 10 perfect little toes, bright eyes and a happy smile, and she is growing like a weed. But there is something in the back of my mind making me worry,… Continue reading Osteopathy for babies?

Baby’s first vaccines & Out of the house diaper changing disaster

It's true, what I've heard, that baby's vaccines are worse for the parent than for the baby. The nurse administering them warned me that the last one really stings and that even adults find it painful. I know why she told me that - to warn me that Avery was going to really scream. But… Continue reading Baby’s first vaccines & Out of the house diaper changing disaster