A 4 month post-pregnancy update

I write mostly about Avery now, but there are some things about my changing body that I wanted to record. Weight: I gained 35 pounds during my pregnancy, and somehow I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight already. I still have a loose, pudgy post-partum belly, but I really do feel respect for it and I'm… Continue reading A 4 month post-pregnancy update

The Big Decision – Let’s Have This Baby

I had another blood pressure spike at my midwife appointment again today, and went into the hospital. The OB on call checked my cervix and said I was already 3cm dilated, fully effaced, baby's head in the best position for go time. The OB surprisingly offered me two options and wouldn't say which he recommended.… Continue reading The Big Decision – Let’s Have This Baby

My very serious attempt at natural induction (and lowering blood pressure)

I have turned to a naturopath for the first time in my life. In an effort to make my birthing experience as natural and synthetic-drug-free as possible, I wanted to naturally reduce my on-again off-again high blood pressure that was putting me at risk of needing a medical induction, and I wanted to naturally induce… Continue reading My very serious attempt at natural induction (and lowering blood pressure)

Pregnancy Update Week 36

I am 9 months pregnant. One month until the due date. This week involved a pre-eclampsia scare and an emergency non-stress test. At my routine midwife appointment my blood pressure was very high (160/106). This was a huge and uncharacteristic jump for me, and the midwife told me to call my wife and head to… Continue reading Pregnancy Update Week 36