Prepping for baby’s first flight, first birthday, and first daycare! 

August is a busy month around here. Not only do I have a full garden to harvest and preserve and a half finished dissertation proposal due at the end of the month, but we're also prepping to go on our first family vacation (with baby's first flight!), we're planning Avery's first birthday party, and I'm… Continue reading Prepping for baby’s first flight, first birthday, and first daycare! 

Planning an Adoption Party

We conceived of this child together. We dreamed of her together, we planned for her together, we found our donor together and my wife even pushed the plunger that delivered the baby-making goods to my egg. My wife coached me through labor and saw our daughter emerge into the world before I did. She even… Continue reading Planning an Adoption Party

“too accommodating” to my baby…? Sleep dilemma

My mom worries that Avery is too needy - that she wants to be held too much and needs too much assistance getting to sleep. I've used the "she's a newborn baby, of course she needs to be held all the time!" excuse for as long as I could, but she's going to be 4… Continue reading “too accommodating” to my baby…? Sleep dilemma

Osteopathy for babies?

Avery is a perfectly healthy baby with no physical problems besides sensitive skin and a history of colic. She has 10 perfect little fingers and 10 perfect little toes, bright eyes and a happy smile, and she is growing like a weed. But there is something in the back of my mind making me worry,… Continue reading Osteopathy for babies?

Wanted: Cloth Diapering Advice

We had a lovely in-home consultation from a cloth diapering service in our town, but after crunching the numbers ourselves (and not just blindly reading the estimated cost savings in the diaper service pamphlet), we realized that using a service would be quite a bit more expensive than buying disposables. We want to cloth diaper… Continue reading Wanted: Cloth Diapering Advice