Introducing: Our Backyard Chickens! 

They arrived! Meet the flock...  Minerva, the Black Copper Marans hen, 11 weeks old, dark chocolate brown eggs  Henrietta, the Buff Brahma hen, 8 weeks old, regular brown eggs  Robin, the Ameraucana hen, 7 weeks old, blue eggs Olive, the Olive Egger hen, 11 weeks old, olive green eggs.  Here are some group shots. There… Continue reading Introducing: Our Backyard Chickens! 

I Resigned

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting of the not-for-profit I have chaired for the past two years (and have been an executive director of for three years). I resigned tonight. It felt amazing.  The organization is Out On The Shelf ( It's a queer resource centre and library. When I joined the board we were… Continue reading I Resigned


It's been a long time since I've written a fuck my life post. Last night my wife and I started talking about changing/creating the sleep training plan. The plan I was implementing was such a slow plan, and we were thinking about trying something more serious, more structured, and faster. Just the mere thought of… Continue reading FML

It’s Eggs! Avery’s struggle with food sensitivities

Sleep has been miserable. Nonexistent, really. Avery has been rashy and fussy. I went off of the Cow's Milk Protein Allergy diet after 6 weeks to test out her tolerance and she definitely reacted less severely, but the eczema never did go away completely. She seems to be able to tolerate small amounts (maybe she… Continue reading It’s Eggs! Avery’s struggle with food sensitivities