Breastfeeding, fashion and mom jeans

I used to love clothes. I like to think I appreciated finer fabrics and timeless style rather than being too fast-fashion-consumerist, but I also did a lot of online shopping in my fashion heyday and I was super cheap about it. I'm feeling my old love of nice clothing slowly coming back after a year… Continue reading Breastfeeding, fashion and mom jeans

4 random and unexciting things on a Saturday. A truly boring read, I’m sure. 

I've drafted 7 blog posts recently that I'm eager to post, but for various reasons they're not ready to go live yet. Some are more professional-blogger-ish (my first affiliate links!). Others are personal ramblings. I have a lot of big thoughts and feelings to express.  Marriage and motherhood do not naturally compliment each other. It… Continue reading 4 random and unexciting things on a Saturday. A truly boring read, I’m sure. 


I am 31 today.  On my 30th birthday I was heavily pregnant and hot and I spent the weekend with my in laws at their family cottage. My wife and I didn't celebrate either of our birthdays that year (we're 10 days apart), aside from getting each other a gift. Last year was weird, because… Continue reading 31

The pressures of adulting

It's such a Millennial kid thing to say - "adulting". Like the responsibility of this stage if life is such a shocking adjustment from the carefree years of our youth.  As a young adult I craved the independence and responsibility of mid-adulthood. I figured that by my 30s I'd have a career, own a house,… Continue reading The pressures of adulting

Introducing: Our Backyard Chickens! 

They arrived! Meet the flock...  Minerva, the Black Copper Marans hen, 11 weeks old, dark chocolate brown eggs  Henrietta, the Buff Brahma hen, 8 weeks old, regular brown eggs  Robin, the Ameraucana hen, 7 weeks old, blue eggs Olive, the Olive Egger hen, 11 weeks old, olive green eggs.  Here are some group shots. There… Continue reading Introducing: Our Backyard Chickens! 

I Resigned

Tonight was the Annual General Meeting of the not-for-profit I have chaired for the past two years (and have been an executive director of for three years). I resigned tonight. It felt amazing.  The organization is Out On The Shelf ( It's a queer resource centre and library. When I joined the board we were… Continue reading I Resigned