When Henrietta became Henry: an update on our backyard chickens

We've had our chickens for 3 months and I've loved every minute of it. They are docile and entertaining, easy to care for (they require less poop cleaning than the cats), and Avery LOVES them. She feeds them treats from the garden through the fence. Now that they've all matured (not enough to lay eggs… Continue reading When Henrietta became Henry: an update on our backyard chickens

Daycare countdown: planning sleep strategies

Avery and I start the daycare transition in 7 days. I am equal parts anxious and heartbroken, and excited for her to make friends and gain new experiences. Our daycare provider, whom I will herein refer to as Gwen, asked me to give her a list of Avery's favourite foods and foods she doesn't like,… Continue reading Daycare countdown: planning sleep strategies