Food Blog Friday: baby-led weaning editionĀ 

I missed last month. I've been cooking dinner almost every night of the week, but it has been boring stuff and I haven't bothered to get the camera out during dinners. But this month, Food Blog Friday is back with a Baby-Led Weaning special edition!  I'm including two recipes here that I made for Avery… Continue reading Food Blog Friday: baby-led weaning editionĀ 

Avery’s 8th Month

Guys, Avery is 2/3rds of the way through her first year. I know how often new parents are warned, "it goes by so fast," but holy hell, I think time is speeding up with every passing month.  New This Month          Mobility/Gross Motor Crawling is on the horizon. She scoots forward and… Continue reading Avery’s 8th Month