6 Cute Halloween Books for Babies and Preschoolers

I love daily blogging challenges. I also love October. Hence, I’m joining in on #blogtober! And to kick off the next 31 days of daily blogs, here’s a list of Halloween themed books for babies and young kids. These books have all been read and thoroughly enjoyed by me and my 2 year old.

Haunted Halloween

The rhymes in this counting book are cute and rhythmic, and the subject is spooky Halloween creatures. “1 bat hangs, pointy fangs. 2 toads sleep, earthworms creep.” The illustrations are bright and vibrant, but also in creepy Halloween colours, and the board book pages are cut out around some of the images for a cool tactile bonus. The book ends with a Halloween party full of kids who were glad that they weren’t too scared to make it to the party, because Halloween spooks are just for fun, afterall!

Good Night, Little Monsters

This is a Halloween bedtime story that (hopefully) won’t give your kids nightmares. Its poetic phrases are sweet and loving, despite being about little Frankenbaby and a baby zombie. Here’s a sample: “Goodnight precious zombie. Enjoy your last snack. Know that we love you, through the gloom and back” [image of baby zombie in a high chair taking a bite of a gingerbread person’s head]. Eight spooky monsters are represented in the book’s pages.

Eek! Halloween! (Boynton on Board)

By the author of the popular Pyjama Time, this cute Halloween book is about a flock of chickens who are wondering what the heck is going on in the world as they start to see witches and monsters and pumpkins with glowing eyes… The chickens are nervous. They hide their eyes and are too scared to peek. But then a helpful pig in a costume reassures them, “Relax silly chickens! It’s Halloween!” This book has cute and goofy illustrations and my 2 year old really gets a kick out of the story.

Click, Clack, Boo!: A Tricky Treat (A Click Clack Book)

This book is so fun to read with its creepy onomatopoeias! “There is a crunch, crunch, crunching as the mice scurry across the field. There is a creak, creak, creaking as the sheep slowly push open the barn door…” In this book, Farmer Brown is afraid of Halloween, and hides himself away under his blankets in bed. But his farm animals are really into the Halloween spirit, and invite him to a costume party in the barn. This one is available in paperback and hardcover.

Happy Halloween, Mittens (My First I Can Read)

This book is cutesy and contains no scary monsters like the other books listed here, but it still portrays a Halloween message for kids. Mittens, an adorably mischievous kitten, just wants to help his owner decorate for Halloween, but he keeps getting in the way. Think of a kitten trying to help a kid paint and getting paint on his paws and all over the place – Mittens might remind you a bit of your kid…. But finally, Mittens finds a way to help using his natural kitten-talents. Unfortunately this isn’t available in board book format, but it is a read-along book that’s ideal for young readers as well as for those kids still being read to.

Little Blue Truck’s Halloween

We love the little blue truck series in our house. Avery loves the animal sounds we make while reading, and the friendly “beep, beep, beep!” of Little Blue. We were excited to discover that there’s a Halloween edition. In this story, the Little Blue Truck is on his way to a Halloween party. Little readers lift the flaps to see what farm animal is behind the costumes.

Happy Halloween reading!